Learn Math and English!

WBPREP.com is a website mainly focused on English and Mathematics. In English, we learn about letter and essay writing. In Maths, we will cover basic to advanced-level topics.

For Mathematics, the following topics will be covered on wbprep.com. For example, Basic Maths, Algebra, Derivative, Integration, Differential Equations, etc.

AlgebraSquare Root
Solving EquationsLogarithms

For English, we will learn how to write letters and 10 lines essays. In future, we intend to cover more topics, such as, report writing, notice writing, email writing, how to write an application, and many more.

Square Roots
How to simplify square rootsRoot 8 simplified
Root 18 simplifiedRoot 27 Simplified
√50 simplified form
WB Math Solution
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Advanced Math
  1. Derivative
  2. Integration
  3. Logarithms