10 Lines on Save Trees | 5 Lines on Save Tree in English

In this post, we will write 10 lines short essay on saving trees in English. These 10 sentences on save tree will be very useful for students of classes 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.

Here are a few lines about saving trees.

10 Lines on Save Trees

1. Trees are a very precious resource for living on Earth as they give oxygen to us.

2. As trees give oxygen to us, it is called the lungs of Earth.

3. Trees help to prevent soil erosion and flooding.

4. We should save trees for a better world.

5. Deforestation is a dangerous issue nowadays. We should protest against such things from cutting trees.

6. Cutting trees is one of the main reasons for climatic change and global warming of Earth.

7. As trees help to absorb rainwater, we should plant more trees which helps to save water.

8. Trees give us fruits, shade, and clean air.

9. We plant trees on the occasion of world environment day on 5th June every year.

10. We should spread awareness about the importance of trees and their conservation among people which can encourage them to save trees.

Below are the 5 sentences about saving trees.

5 Lines on Save Trees

1. Trees are the main resource of oxygen.

2. Trees prevent global warming and climate change.

3. They give us cool and fresh air.

4. Trees are the sources of fruits, medicine, and many more.

5. We should plant more trees and save existing ones.

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