Application Letter to the Principal For leave For Sister’s Wedding

We will learn how to write an application letter to the Principal for leave for sister’s wedding/marriage in English. This is an application letter to your school Principal to grant a leave for your sisters’s marriage.

Leave Application Letter For Sister’s Marriage

28th January, 2024

The Principal,

School’s Name and Address Here

Sub: Request for a leave for sister’s marriage

Dear Sir,

I (Your Name), a student of Class 11, Section A, am writing this letter to you to request a leave for my sister’s marriage.

As I am going to arrange this event with my family, I must need this leave. For this reason, I need a leave for 4 days. So I sincerely request you to grant this leave, and I will be highly obliged to you. I understand the importance of regular attendance in school and assure you to complete all my homework before due date. I have also planed to keep in touch with my classmates so that I can recover the class notes.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and kind consideration.

Yours faithfully,

[Your Name]

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