Write a Letter to Your Father about Your Aim in Life [Doctor]

In this post, we will learn how to write a letter to your father about your aim in life. This is a letter to your father telling him about the aim of your life if you wish to become a doctor.

Letter to your father about the aim of your life

Write a letter to your father telling him about your aim in life if you wish to become a doctor.


[Father’s Name and Address Here]

Sub: My Aim in Life

Dear Father,

I hope you and my mom are doing well. I am also fine here at the hostel by the grace of the Almighty. I have just got your letter in which you wanted to know my aim in life. Today, I will share the same with you.

As everybody has an aim in their life, so I am. I wish to be a good doctor. My few classmates also wish to be a doctor. In my village, I have seen people going too far away even for a fever. We see in the daily news that many poor people die without treatment. This makes me feel very sad. I want to do something for these people.

I kindly request your guidance and advice as it will be invaluable in helping me on this journey towards fulfilling my aim in life. I wish to thank you for always being there for me, Father. I will work very hard to make you proud.

With all my love and respect,

Your Loving Son

[Your name here]

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