What is the Reciprocal of 0? | 1/0 is equal to

The reciprocal of 0 is undefined. As the reciprocal of 0 is equal to 1 divided by 0, the value of 1/0 is equal to undefined. Sometimes, we write 1/0 = ∞. Value of 1/0 Let us assume that x is the value of 1/0, that is, $\dfrac{1}{0}=x$ ⇒ $\dfrac{1}{0}=\dfrac{x}{1}$ Now, cross-multiplying we obtain that … Read more

Value of log 16 base 2

The value of log 16 with base 2 is equal to 4, that is, log216 =4. In this post, we will find the value of the logarithm of 16 when the base is 2. How do you Find log216 Question: What is log16 base 2? Answer: log216 is equal to 4. Solution: Step 1: At … Read more

Complex Numbers Questions Answers [SLST 2016]

In this post, we will discuss the questions from the previous year’s SLST exam on complex numbers with answers. The problems with solutions on complex numbers are given below. Previous Years SLST Questions on Complex Analysis Q1: If a+ib = $\dfrac{c+i}{c-i}$ where a, b,c are real numbers, then a2+b2=? [WB SLST 2016] (A) (c2+1)/(c2-1) (B) … Read more