15/60 Simplified as a Fraction [Simplest Reduced Form]

15/60 simplified as a fraction in its simplest form is equal to 1/4. To reduce the fraction 15/60 (15 divided by 60) in the lowest terms, we will start dividing both 15 and 60 by their common divisors.

15/60 simplified

Let us now simplify the fraction 15/60 (15 over 60).

Question: How to Simplify the Fraction 15/60?


The numerator and the denominator of the fraction 15/60 respectively are 15 and 60. Note that both 15 and 60 are divisible by 3. Therefore,

$\dfrac{15 \div {\color{red} 3}}{60 \div {\color{red} 3}}$ = $\dfrac{5}{20}$.

Now, we will simplify the fraction 5/20.

Both 5 and 20 are divisible by 5, so dividing them by 5 we will get that

$\dfrac{5 \div {\color{red} 5}}{20 \div {\color{red} 5}}$ = $\dfrac{1}{4}$.

Now, as there are no common divisors of 1 and 4 other than 1. So we will stop here. And 1/4 is the simplified form of 15/60.

Therefore, 1/4 is the simplified reduced form of the fraction 15/60.


From the above, we have obtained the equivalent fractions of 15/60 which are 5/20 and 1/4.

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Q1: Write 15/60 in simplest form.

Answer: 1/4 is the simplest form of the fraction 15/60.

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