Value of ln(e^2) | Simplify Natural log of e^2

The natural log of e^2 is denoted by ln(e2) and its value is equal to 2. That is, the value of ln(e^2) is given by

ln(e2) = 2.

ln(e2) Formula

As ln(ek) = k, the formula of ln(e2) is given as follows:

$\boxed{\ln e^k = k}$

Proof of ln(e2) = 2

Let us assume that

x = ln(e2).

As ln = loge, this implies that

x = loge e2.

⇒ x =2 logee using the logarithm rule logabk = k logab.

⇒ x =2 × 1 as we know logaa = 1.

⇒ x =2.

Therefore, the value of ln(e2) is equal to 2.

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Q1: What is the value of ln(e^2)?

Answer: The value of ln(e2) is 2.

Q2: What is the value of ln(e^3)?

Answer: The value of ln(e3) is equal to 3.

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